Terrace boards Reverso

Reverso wood-plastic composite decking boards are not only our most popular, but also the longest represented product. We have been working with wood-plastic composite boards in Latvia since 2006, it is already a recognizable and well-known product. The mix of Reverso boards includes all the necessary components to be suitable for our climate, not fade in the sun, and at the same time mechanically strong. Composite decking boards have been tested for close to 10 years standing in open nature, and the color has practically not changed while maintaining intense tones. The entire mass of the board is colored with pigment, so that spots or a different color will not appear in places where there will be increased mechanical load or the flow of people. In particular, the Reverso board has been preferred by hundreds of customers in Latvia.

Reverso boards have two surfaces that differ in pattern, hence the name. On one side, due to the terrace, it has a traditional pattern and fine grooves, while on the other side, the surface consists of rarer but larger grooves. The depth of the grooves is the same on both sides, and both sides are ground, giving them excellent anti-slip properties. The use of both sides is a matter of taste, over several years customers have chosen to use both sides, approximately, in equal numbers. Walking on Reverso composite boards with bare feet gives a pleasant feeling, equivalent to walking on a wooden terrace.

Reverso boards are very easy to care for, they need to be washed a few times a year with clean water, most simply with a jet from a high-pressure washer. It is important to remember that these boards, although harder than wood, are a relatively soft material. If the surface is damaged, it can be polished with an abrasive material.

The boards are available in four colors and two lengths – 3.6 and 2.4 meters. Reverso boards are available in stock at any time by prior agreement on the arrival time, delivery is possible during the day.

3600 × 135 × 25 mm
2400 × 135 × 25 mm



light brown




dark brown



Technical data

Parametres Testing standard Measurement unit Value
Ultimate bending strength LVS EN 310:2001 MPa >15
Ultimate flexural strength after being subjected to cyclic conditions LVS EN 310:2001
EN 321:2002
MPa >14
Flexural modulus of elasticity LVS EN 310:2001 MPa >2500
Density EN ISO 1183-3 g/cm3 1,2
Coefficient of thermal expansion EN ISO 11359-2 1/K < 4x10-5
Impact viscosity (Charpy) ASTMD 256M kJ/m2 5,1
Hardness (Vicker) MPa 98
Abrasion resistance Taber, 1kg g/1000r 42
Fire resistance LVS EN 13501-1+A1 Class Efl
Swelling in thickness (28 days in water) LVS EN 317:2000 % <5
Water absorption (28 days in water) LVS CEN/TS
% <11

Installation accessories

Covering molding 2000 × 54 × 10 Caramel SS22
Cocoa SS23
Chocolate SS24
Onyx SS26
Corner profile* 2700 × 60 × 60 Caramel LS22
Cocoa LS23
Chocolate LS24
Onyx LS26
Support lag 2000 × 50 × 30 Not determined K020
Board end caps* 135 × 25

10 pieces in the package

Caramel A102
Cocoa A103
Chocolate A104
Onyx A106
Set of plastic fasteners with screws 100 + 100 gab. Black A201
Brown A211
Set of metal fasteners with screws 100 + 100 pc. Stainless steel A202
First board mounting kit with screws 20 + 20 pc. Stainless steel A203
Plastic fasteners 1000 pc. Black A901
Brown A911
Metal fasteners 1000 gab. Stainless steel A902
Metal fasteners of the first board 100 gab. Stainless steel A903
Screws for plastic fasteners 1000 gab. Stainless steel A904
Painted stainless steel* A912
Screws for metal fasteners 1000 pc. Stainless steel A905

* Items are available by order only

We also do installation!