WPC cladding for the facade

Similar to hollow wood-plastic terrace boards, facade cladding is also produced. The facade cladding mix includes all the necessary ingredients to be suitable for our climate and not fade in the sun. Although WPC facade cladding is mechanically rigid and does not deform, it is not suitable for higher loads, therefore it cannot be used as terrace boards.

Norddeck WPC facade cladding is designed for ventilated facades. If necessary, facade insulation and an anti-wind or other membrane should be installed under it. The profiles are mounted on the conductors (lamination) with a maximum step of 400 mm.

The material of Norddeck Composite facade boards has been tested for close to 10 years standing in open nature, and the colour has practically not changed, maintaining intense shades. The entire profile is coloured with pigment, so even if there is increased mechanical load or wear in some places, spots or different colour will not appear.

Norddeck facade covering profiles have only one surface, smooth, matte without a pattern. The profiles cover each other, so there is no transparent gap between them, only a joint line. The facade covering is very easy to care for, if necessary they can be washed with clean water, most simply with a jet from a high-pressure washer. It is important to remember that these profiles, although harder than wood, are relatively soft material. If the surface is damaged, it can be polished with an abrasive material.

Profiles are available in four colours and one length – 2.7 meters. The width of the profile is 171 mm, however, when calculating the consumption, 166 mm should be used, because they overlap each other. Facade-covering profiles are not available in stock and need to be ordered.

Installation accessories

The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Caramel FP32
The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Cocoa FP33
The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Chocolate FP34
The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Onyx FP36
Covering molding 2000 × 54 × 10 Caramel SS22
Cocoa SS23
Chocolate SS24
Onyx SS26
Stūra profils* 2700 × 60 × 60 Caramel LS32
Cocoa LS33
Chocolate LS34
Onyx LS36
Support lag 2000 × 50 × 30 Not determined K020
Startup profile 2700 Aluminum A221
External corner mounting profile 2700 Aluminum A222
Internal corner mounting profile 2700 Aluminum A223
Facade profile mounting fasteners set For 3 m2* Black stainless steel A225
Screws for fasteners, corner profiles 1000 gab. Stainless steel A905
Painted stainless steel* A912

* Items are available by order only

We also do installation!