Facade system InoSide

Ready for use

The InoWood wood-plastic composite cladding facade profile AD is ready for use. All fasteners intended for the installation of InoWood facade cladding are suitable for the installation of WPC profiles. It is possible to choose between two profile mounting options – with a gap (between plates 4 mm) or classic installation according to the “herringbone” principle – placing one board on top of the other. When installing the facade, the distance between the centers of the transverse beams must be observed, it should not exceed 300 mm. When covering the facade with WPC cladding profiles AD, covering one square meter requires on average 6.85-7.14 running meters of InoWood cladding profile AD.

Durable and long-lasting

The InoSide facade system, which consists of 100% recycled biocomposite, will allow the implementation of facade solutions of any complexity. Facades are functional, durable, retain color properties, resistant to external factors: pests, decay, moisture, ultraviolet rays and adverse weather conditions. The facade of every house or other building and its solutions are unique, so the appearance should stand out not only with beauty, but also with durability. We offer a wide range of facade finishes and facade details.

We use facade systems individually for each project – we design, install and advise on various issues.

Facade system InoSide is a system of ventilated facades that will help keep the facade of the house perfect for many years and without worries about cosmetic repairs during the period of operation. The exterior of the building is an especially important element that performs both representative and aesthetic functions.

Trends in recent years show that customers are looking for more sustainable and greener materials, preferring materials produced from renewable energy sources. The InoSide facade system is an excellent alternative to the traditional facade. It is suitable for finishing the exterior walls of residential houses, office buildings, cultural heritage objects, state and public sector companies. The InoSide facade system made of wood-plastic composite material (WPC) will last much longer compared to ordinary wood. The facade is resistant to temperature changes and weather, imitates the appearance of natural wood, is not capricious in operation and does not require special treatment or painting.

Facade panels made of WPC increase sound insulation compared to ordinary wood. Thus, by purchasing more durable materials, you save on operating costs while receiving a higher class product and comfort.

Facades made of wood-polymer composite are very durable and have a service life of more than 25 years!












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