Massive terrace boards

The solid wood-plastic composite decking boards are also very similar in nature to the Reverso boards. The main difference is the fact that Solid boards do not have a spatial structure, that is, they are made with full mass without internal chambers. This gives this product greater mechanical strength than the Reverso boards, both against shocks and loads.

Solid boards are significantly heavier than reverse boards, which also makes them more expensive. In terms of usability, they have all the same advantages as the Reverso boards. Also in terms of composition, the Solid boards are made from the same mix as the Reverso. Due to their durability, massive boards are produced slightly lower – 135 × 22 mm, and are also available in one length – 3.6 meters.

Solid boards can also be used on both sides, one side has the traditional pattern of decking boards with fine grooves, and the other side has a pattern consisting of rarer but larger grooves. The depth of the grooves is the same on both sides, and both sides are ground, giving them excellent anti-slip properties. Due to the reduced height of the board, Solid boards can only be used together with metal fasteners.

Massive boards have the most significant advantages in creating terraces of complex shapes. Since they do not have an inner chamber, the Solid boards can be used on terraces with curved shapes, very sharp angles and in many other cases where the inner chambers are exposed when using Reverso or Singlo boards. They can be cut to form the corners of the steps, as well as to leave the ends exposed during installation.

The solid boards are available in three colors, however they may be out of stock at times. For more precise information, please contact the company representative.

3600 × 135 × 22 mm



light brown





Installation accessories

Corner profile* 2700 × 60 × 60 Caramel SS22
Cocoa LS23
Onyx LS26
Support lag 2000 × 50 × 30 Not determined K020
Set of metal fasteners with screws 100 + 100 pc. Stainless steel A202
First board mounting kit with screws 20 + 20 pc. Stainless steel A203
Metal fasteners 1000 gab. Stainless steel A902
Metal fasteners of the first board 100 gab. Stainless steel A903
Screws for plastic fasteners 1000 gab. Stainless steel A904
Painted stainless steel* A912
Screws for metal fasteners 1000 gab. Stainless steel A905

* Items are available by order only

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