WPC tiles

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) tiles are the ideal solution for balconies, roofs and any other areas where a durable covering on a solid base is required. An innovative and ecological alternative for your balcony.

Norddeck WPC tiles look like natural wood, but last much longer, are not harmed by frost and snow, and will not be eaten away by termites. The composite top layer ensures the longevity of the product for at least 5 years, at the same time it does not require additional care, painting, oiling or any other treatment. Norddeck WPC tiles do not deform over time, their quality is not affected by temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight and most importantly – they practically do not absorb moisture, do not deform and do not rot.

WPC material is warm, it is pleasant to walk on it with bare feet, and at the same time it does not have the disadvantages of wooden covering – WPC tiles do not become slippery, do not crack, do not have scratches, and do not form during operation.

The surface material is attached to a plastic base, which allows the tiles to be connected to each other, thus eliminating assembly work, requiring no experience or tools, and allowing them to be removed at any time if necessary. By connecting them in different ways, you can get different patterns. Only a smooth surface is required.

Norddeck WPC tiles fundamentally solve the classic problem of tiles coming off in outdoor conditions, and can also be used indoors in wet conditions, such as showers. The height of the tiles is 22 mm, which allows them to be used even in places where there are low doors and other obstacles.

The size of one tile is 31×31 cm, so one square meter is made up of 11 tiles.

WPC tiles are available with two types of surface materials – mass-coloured composite material and Double-layer type (you can read about the material differences in the sections of the respective terrace boards).

Installation accessories

The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Caramel FP32
The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Cocoa FP33
The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Chocolate FP34
The hollow profile of the facade 2700 × 171 × 15
(Working width 166 mm)
Onyx FP36
Covering molding 2000 × 54 × 10 Caramel SS22
Cocoa SS23
Chocolate SS24
Onyx SS26
Stūra profils* 2700 × 60 × 60 Caramel LS32
Cocoa LS33
Chocolate LS34
Onyx LS36
Support lag 2000 × 50 × 30 Not determined K020
Startup profile 2700 Aluminum A221
External corner mounting profile 2700 Aluminum A222
Internal corner mounting profile 2700 Aluminum A223
Facade profile mounting fasteners set For 3 m2* Black stainless steel A225
Screws for fasteners, corner profiles 1000 gab. Stainless steel A905
Painted stainless steel* A912

* Items are available by order only

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