Warranty conditions and care

Important to know

Norddeck terrace boards are made of wood-plastic composite material (hereinafter referred to as WPC), which consists of 60% natural wood. When producing boards, we strive to make their surface resemble natural wood as much as possible. Since absolutely identical things do not exist in nature, we do not try to offer exactly the same boards. Small differences exist in the surface structure and the depth of the grooves, which are characteristic of natural wood boards. Norddeck WPC decking boards have all the same advantages as decking boards of any other material, at the same time significantly longer life and resistance to environmental influences, while requiring only minimal maintenance.

Although Norddeck WPC decking boards will serve you significantly better than a regular wooden decking, it is very important to remember that they are still made of soft material and are exposed to the influence of the external environment, so to be able to fully use the potential of this product it is important to follow the rules of care and operation , as well as to install them correctly.

Norddeck WPC decking boards and their installation system (boards, laths, fasteners and covering profiles) are intended for the construction of decking for domestic use. Depending on the type of boards, the terrace board system is designed for an evenly distributed load of 250 to 350 kg/m2. Neither the boards nor the pre-assembled accessories are intended for structural use, it is a covering only.


The warranty of Norddeck WPC terrace boards does not cover cases where they are incorrectly or incorrectly installed, or when installation accessories from another manufacturer are used. The warranty for Norddeck WPC terrace boards is valid if all the conditions described in the installation instructions for Norddeck Wood-Plastic composite terrace boards are met. The installation of decking boards should be entrusted to industry professionals with experience in the installation of such coverings.

The most typical requirements, failure to comply with which will render the Warranty void, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A 48-hour acclimatization period must be observed upon receipt of decking boards before installation by storing them in a shaded, dry and level location.
  • When creating the substructure of the terrace, the following (maximum permissible) distances between the centers of the battens must be observed:
Type of decking board Singlo Reverso Massive Two-layer
Step between lat centers 25 mm 35 mm 40 mm 40 mm
  • At the ends of the boards, it is recommended to lay battens with a reduced step.
  • When fixing the terrace boards, the following compensation spaces must be observed between their ends:
The length of the decking board 1000 mm 2000 mm 2400 mm 3600 mm
The space between the ends of the boards or to the obstacle 4,2 mm 8,4 mm 10 mm 15 mm
  • Gaps of a similar size must be observed in the places where the boards are joined in the longitudinal direction, as well as all around the perimeter of the terrace and other connection places.
  • No overhang is allowed when installing decking boards. The ends of the boards must be secured with the appropriate fasteners.
  • The end of each board must be secured individually with its own attachment to an individual log. There should be two logs in the places where the boards are joined in the longitudinal direction.
  • Only stainless steel screws may be used to fasten the boards. If cracks appear when using screws, then it is necessary to drill holes before using screws. Cracks in screw locations are not grounds for a Warranty event.
  • When storing and transporting the boards, they may slightly bend under the influence of external forces or sunlight, but this is easily smoothed out during the 48-hour acclimatization period or later during installation, so this is not a reason for a Warranty case.

The decking boards must be properly secured so that they cannot change their position and do not deform. The warranty does not cover cases where the boards are deformed due to inappropriate fasteners or screws that cannot hold the boards in their intended places, or, on the contrary, do not allow them to thermally expand and contract.

Similarly, the Warranty does not cover cases where damage to the terrace boards is caused by an incorrectly laid, incorrectly planned or made of wrong materials sub-deck (lath) or its deformation, as well as overloading of the terrace deck.

The warranty is not provided if the Norddeck WPC decking boards have been dismantled from the original installation site and re-installed as new.

Unsuitable environmental conditions

Norddeck WPC decking boards are a soft material, and although it is a wood-polymer composite material and is much more stable and durable than ordinary wooden decking, it can be adversely affected and damaged by prolonged exposure to moisture. The most typical situations, which result in a significant reduction in the life of the scoreboards and are not covered by the Warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • Sufficient ventilation is not provided under the deck of the terrace, which prevents the moistened base from drying naturally and/or the drying moisture is so ventilated from the bottom of the terrace, thus not providing the same relative air humidity and microclimate both above and below the terrace. This can be due to insufficient height of the deck above the base, due to closed patio sides, insufficient gaps between boards, debris, drift or other reasons.
  • Water drainage from the base is not ensured, resulting in stagnant puddles and/or increased humidity under the terrace.
  • Terrace boards are in standing water or the terraces are not cleared of snow during the winter.
  • The decking boards have been in contact with salt water.
  • During the installation of the terrace, the drops were not taken into account, as a result of which stagnant water regularly remains on the terrace.
  • Objects under which moisture accumulates without the possibility of drying or natural ventilation, such as carpets, large boxes, etc., are located on the terrace for a long time in one place.
  • A situation is allowed when the terrace freezes in ice, or ice freezes in the inner chambers of the profiles. This can contribute to its deformation and/or tearing from its fasteners.
  • Decking boards are in direct contact with the base, walls or other surfaces where water can flow or accumulate.

Cleaning and maintenance

The warranty for Norddeck WPC decking boards is valid if all the conditions described in the Norddeck Wood-Plastic composite decking board operating instructions are met.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by not maintaining the terrace, cleaning it, or otherwise due to excessive moisture.

Regular non-maintenance of the terrace leads to the fact that the surface of the terrace loses its aesthetic appeal.

Improper use

Although Norddeck WPC decking boards will last much longer than conventional wooden decking boards, it is a soft material that can be easily mechanically damaged and is intended for domestic use only. The warranty does not cover any kind of mechanical damage to the decking boards, wear or other changes or damage caused by mechanical impact.

Only Norddeck Double-layer boards are guaranteed against wear. The special outer layer of these boards provides excellent wear resistance, thus preserving the wood texture pattern for a long time.

Likewise, the Warranty does not cover any kind of damage or changes to the decking boards that have occurred as a result of the actions of third parties (including, but not limited to, pets, plants, neighbors, and others). The warranty also does not apply to damage to the boards caused by improper storage, moving, installation, operation, maintenance, or force majeure. Normal wear and tear and minor color changes are not covered by this warranty.

In general

Norddeck guarantees that Norddeck decking boards will not rot, crack, warp, or scratch during the warranty period after purchase. The service life and quality of Norddeck WPC decking boards is directly dependent on compliance with the warranty terms and operating instructions.

Norddeck WPC products are manufactured using the extrusion method and are a composite material of wood fibers and high density polyethylene. All products have dimensional tolerances of +/- 1.5% in length and +/- 3.5% in width. The color shade of Norddeck WPC decking boards is not contractually binding, it may vary between different batches depending on raw materials, production temperature, direction and depth of surface treatment.

During the production process, the surface of the boards is sanded in one specific direction. If boards with opposite sanding directions are placed next to each other, they visually differ, just like looking at them from different angles.

In all cases where, in accordance with the provisions described in this document, a Warranty event has occurred, only the material costs of Norddeck WPC decking boards themselves are covered by replacing the damaged boards with new ones. The guarantee does not include the costs of disassembly, installation, transport or disposal of the terrace boards, as well as other derived costs. The warranty does not include any other damages to the customer or third parties caused directly or indirectly by the defective product, limited only to the replacement of the defective product with a new one.

When applying for a warranty, you must present a document proving the purchase. A warranty claim must be submitted to an authorized Norddeck dealer within 30 days of the discovery of the damage. The claim must be submitted in writing, describing the defect of the Norddeck terrace boards and the way they are used, attaching a proof of purchase document and a photograph of the object.

The total warranty period for Norddeck WPC terrace boards is 10 (ten) years from the moment of purchase for Singlo, Reverso and Massive boards, and 15 years for Double-Layer boards. If the warranty case occurs within the first two years of their purchase, the damaged boards are replaced in full. Starting from the third year, the depreciation of the terrace boards is calculated according to the linear principle, reducing the compensable amount from the amount of the applied Warranty case. In the event of a warranty event, the warranty period does not start over.

These warranty terms for Norddeck wood-polymer composite decking boards are valid from 01.01.2018. and are relevant until a new version is developed. Warranty terms are subject to change without prior notice. All previous versions are hereby superseded. The information in this document is protected by copyright and its full or partial reproduction without approval is prohibited.