Terrace ventilation system Relo

“Relo” – ventilation and sewage drainage system is suitable for any type of terrace. The 150mm width ensures optimal ventilation of the terrace substructure and terrace boards. The “Relo” system is made of high-quality aluminum with an anodized surface, which in terms of design blends into one whole structure with any type of terrace boards (wood, WPC, etc.).

Two “Relo VA” mounting profiles are used to install the “Relo” ventilation system horizontally, and “Relo V” fasteners are used for vertical installation. Accordingly, the “Relo VB” element is used to cover the side edges. Depending on the height of the terrace boards, it may be necessary to insert a spacer under the “Relo VA” mounting profile.

Independent ventilation and air circulation under the terrace significantly extends the service life of the entire structure, reducing the possibility that a favorable environment for mold, insects, etc. can form under the terrace. microorganisms that reduce the service life of the terrace.

Accessories of the “Relo” system

Accessories Description Size Code
“Relo V” decorative profile, made of aluminum, anodized in silver color. 1200x150x20 mm V01
“Relo VH” aluminum bracket for vertical installation of “Relo V”. 40x125 mm VH01
“Relo VA” mounting profile, intended for horizontal installation of “Relo V”. 1880x18x17 mm VA01
“Relo VB” side cover element – 150 mm long. 25x20x10 mm VB01
Skrūves “Unia” Screws “Unia” made of stainless steel. 4.2x22 mm ASU12

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